Turmeric Roots: Benefits And Its Uses

Turmeric roots benefits and its usesTurmeric or well known as ‘the golden spice’ or ‘the spice of life’ is a spice that is cultivated in India. The spread of the spice itself has reached through numerous of countries such as Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and even Indonesia. The spice was popular to be used in curries while in Indonesia, it is usually used in a traditional drink called Jamu.

The used of Turmeric roots itself are very variants and in this article, I will give you some information regarding turmeric roots, Turmeric roots benefits and its uses.

What are Turmeric Roots?

Turmeric root is a spice that well known for many names. In India, where this spice originally comes from, they called turmeric as ‘Haidi’ but in the south, it is known by the name ‘Manjal’. There are 55 names for turmeric herb but most of it known as ‘Turmeric’ in general.

While turmeric plant is quite long, the thing that we called as a turmeric roots is actually the rhizome part that grows below the soil. The turmeric powder made from this rhizome while some of part can be used as the next crop.

Types of Turmeric
There are many types of turmeric. 133 turmeric have been identified under genus Curcuma which belongs to the ginger family. But the most popular ones are:

1. Curcuma longa
2. Curcuma amada
3. Curcuma zedoaria
4. Etc

The yellow turmeric is known as Curcuma longa and there are varieties of yellow turmeric, defending on the region its grow on.

The Health Benefits
There are many health benefits of using turmeric roots. Most of them are for medicinal uses. Here are some benefits you can get from using turmeric roots as a herb, there are:

1. Prevent cancer
2. Reduce toxicity in your body
3. Anti-micro bacterial
4. Powerful antioxidant herb
5. Good for dental treatment
6. Good for metabolic disease
7. Good for your skin/natural skin care
8. Good for your heart
9. Reduce stress and good for relaxation
10. Good for digestion

Traditional Uses of Turmeric Roots

As one of the powerful herbs that have been used for years, turmeric is traditionally used everywhere as both medicine and important ingredients for food. The explanation of its uses had been written in many traditional texts as a tonic, body stimulant, aromatic candle and much more.

Most of the time, many traditional medicines use turmeric roots to treat wounds, ulcer problems, skin disease, cold and much more. As for more detail, we have listed on how it used below:

  1. Pain reliever
  2. The rhizome in turmeric roots is good to relieve sprains and injuries, you can also add some coconut oil while put some turmeric powder on the injuries to add more soothing effect.
  3. Skin Remedies
  4. Turmeric juice can relieve your parasitic condition of your skin. It can make your skin glowing too by adding a sandalwood to the mix.
  5. A good health primary care
  6. A fresh turmeric roots juice with a pinch of a salt is good for stomach ache, turmeric milk tea is also a good remedy to treat allergies.

Turmeric root is good for your health, but on the same time, it has a very strong effect on your body, so 1 inch per day consumption would do enough. You can simply eat it after you clean the root (it taste bitter but quite good) or chops it and put it in a bowl of salt water. You can add those turmeric salt water to any dishes such as curry and etc to make healthy major meals.

You can make turmeric capsule as well from the roots. By adding some turmeric powder to a capsule, you can have a handmade medicine by yourself. Turmeric pickles are also popular when it comes to turmeric roots, but the most popular are turmeric tea.

Many teashops served turmeric tea, you can also find this tea in many herb or spices store. It is very easy to make turmeric tea. You just brew the tea and adding some ginger, honey, milk and black pepper if you want too! Although if you don’t like sweet and allergic, you can exclude the sweets and black pepper on the list, nevertheless turmeric root can be used in many varieties way to serve.

It is true that turmeric roots are good for the diet but for those who have gastric, it may cause a discomforting effect so make sure you don’t have gastric if you want to try turmeric diets program.

The other thing that should be aware of is the fact that turmeric has a strong curcumin effects. You shouldn’t consume it before 3-4 hours after drinking/eating it. It won’t be good to your metabolism and may cause a dangerous effect to your body.

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That’s all about turmeric roots. As is explained above, turmeric roots have many uses and benefits. But an over consumed, especially without any receipt or guide from a herbalist, especially if it’s for medicinal uses won’t be good for your body. So be sure to always consulate with your herbalist first and not overdone it with your herbal treatment. Be a smart consumer and let’s keep a healthy lifestyle. That’s all for us, thank you!

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