The Positive and Negative Side Effects of Turmeric for the Body

turmeric side effectsBelieve it or not, turmeric is very useful for the body and can make your body healthy. It is because turmeric contains a lot of beneficial contents that help to relieve many kinds of health problem, such as relieving pain or inflammation. So, consuming turmeric regularly definitely helps you if you want to have a healthy body. However, there are negative effects of turmeric if you over-consume it or consume it without clear instruction.

Hence, what are the turmeric side effects? Now we will review the positive and negative side effects of turmeric for the body. You just have to scroll and read more below to know more about it.

Positive Side Effects of Turmeric for Body

1. Turmeric Could Help Relieving Pain
You might do not know, until now, that turmeric can help you in relieving the pain in your body. It is not a traditional recipe again, since a lot of doctors already using turmeric in relieving the pain of their patients. Not only normal pain, turmeric also can relieve the pain caused by arthritis. It is because when applied in the knees of people who have arthritis, the turmeric works as ibuprofen which reduces the muscle tense and releases the stressed muscle.

If you have pain in the body, it is recommended you only took no more than 800mg of turmeric powder in a capsule to be consumed.

2. Act as Anti-Inflammatory
A Recent study shows that one of the turmeric side effects is turmeric act as the anti-inflammatory for the body, which means consuming turmeric reduce the level of inflammation in the body. It is very useful for people, especially those who have Arthritis because Arthritis causes lots of pain and inflammation in the joints. If Arthritis people or the people who feel inflammation in their body want to reduce the inflammation, just consume a maximum of 600 milligrams of turmeric three times per day. If you drink with the right dose, you will have nothing to worry again about your inflammation.

3. Works as Anti-Depression
Feeling depressed because of the life-problems or from work but have no medicine to treat the depression? You do not have to worry, just consume the product made from turmeric and it will calm you slowly. Why turmeric? Because based on the recent research, turmeric contains anti-depressant, which could reduce the level of depression of people’s mind. Most of doctor and therapist used turmeric and make their patients consume it, either drink, eat, or smell the turmeric. Its effectiveness has already been tested to a person who has bipolar disorder and the effects totally work on people

Negative Side Effects of Turmeric for Body

1. Turmeric Thins Your Blood Cell
One of the turmeric side effects is that consuming turmeric too much could thin the blood cell of yours. It means when you are wounded, it will be easier for you to bleed and your blood will be uncontrollable, since the blood cell of yours already thinner than usual. However, when your blood is thin, it also prevents yours from having high blood pressure and even lowered the level of cholesterol. Hence, the thinning of your blood cell can cause good thing or harm your body.

2. Make Your Stomach Hurts
Some people who consume turmeric stated that they feel uncomfortable in their stomach. It is because when aiding the digestion, several areas of the stomach are having a contraction and causing stomachache. However, if you have nothing wrong with your body and suddenly have a stomachache after consuming turmeric; it probably happens because your body holds too much acid, especially in the groin area. If you feel hurt in your stomach after consuming turmeric, then you need to drink lots of water and calm yourself by relaxing in a comfortable area.

3. Nausea and Diarrhea
Another common symptom of the side effect of turmeric is feeling nausea and caught diarrhea. It might happen to you when you consume the supplement of turmeric a little too much. But, why nausea and diarrhea caused by turmeric? It is because the curcumin in the turmeric tends to irritate the area of gastrointestinal in the body, resulting a bad feeling in the stomach area. Not only that, a low dose of turmeric supplement can cause nausea to your body due to its dose. So, it is recommended for you not to consume turmeric supplement without clear instruction.

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Well, those are the information of the positive and negative side effects of turmeric for the body that you need to know. Remember, turmeric will become a good thing for your body if you use it with clear instruction or with the right dose. However, it will worsen your body condition if you over-use it with no clear instruction. It is best for you to carefully consume turmeric so it can bring good benefits for your body.

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