What are the Organic Turmeric Benefits?

some organic turmeric benefits that you may not know beforeTurmeric becomes the most efficacious herb to prevent and treat various diseases without having to pay dearly. The organic turmeric benefits have been recognized since many years ago in Asia. Until now, turmeric is still used in some Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and others for cooking spices. Now, turmeric products have been available in the market as a traditional medicine for the needy. What are actually the benefits of turmeric so it becomes so popular today? Let us review some benefits of turmeric that you may not know.

Organic Turmeric Benefits

1. Overcome Indigestion
According to journal National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, a supplement made from turmeric is effective to overcome the body’s inflammation that causes heartburn and indigestion. You can take some slices of turmeric, boil with water, mix with 1 teaspoon of lime juice, and stir until blended. Then, you can strain the water and drink regularly for three days and it will help overcome digestive disorders.

2. Prevent diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus becomes one of the most deadly diseases on earth that is known to be difficult to heal. Fortunately, you can consume turmeric to solve your diabetic issues. A research by the American Diabetes Association says that eating capsules curcumin is able to prevent the occurrence of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes. You can make a concoction of turmeric into the beverage. Then, you can combine with a little honey while drinking.

3. Relieve Joint Pain
Another organic turmeric benefit has also been investigated for someone with joint pain. The National Library of Medicine’s Journal of the National Institute of Health says that turmeric extract is similar to ibuprofen which can reduce pain in the knee osteoarthritis joints. The simple prescription is to add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder at breakfast, or you can try mixing it into a glass of warm milk in the morning.

4. Protect Brain Cells
Not only curcumin, but ar-turmerone content or aromatic turmerone also helps repair stem cells in the brain. A research on the content of aromatic turmerone on stem cell function in adult brain says that aromatic turmerone can prevent diseases that attack the brain. National Library of Medicine’s Journal of the National Institute of Health says, if it is consumed properly, turmeric can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s.

5. Reduce Heart Attack Risk
A study in 2012 related to the content of curcumin in turmeric showed that turmeric is capable of preventing heart attacks. When some patients before taking a heart surgery took a curcumin capsule, the result showed that there were only 13 percents of patients who got heart attack back. Turmeric is not a substitute drug for heart attacks. However, since the content of curcumin can act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it can reduce the risk of heart attack in people who have got heart surgery.

6. Good for Menstruation
Perhaps, you often see ads containing turmeric drink claimed to be able to overcome the pain due to menstruation. Well, it is true that turmeric is also good for menstruation. According to research, the consumption of turmeric extract can help overcome the pain. You can consume a cup of turmeric tea every day during the menstruation to get the benefits.

7. Killing Pimples on Face
You must be annoyed with the emergence of pimples on your face while you have no idea how to get rid of them. Finally, you have the solution for your acne or pimple issues. Using turmeric, you can apply turmeric powder to your face like a facial mask. You can apply this formula at night before going to bed regularly. In a few days, you finally can see the result and you can get your beautiful face back.

8. Healing Stomach Ulcer
A stomach ulcer is a common health problem that is experienced by most of the adults. It is really suffering and disturbs your activity, especially when you are late to have your meal. Fortunately, you can get the solution to healing this disease naturally using turmeric. You only need to consume turmeric tea on regular basis to heal your ulcer.

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Well, those are some organic turmeric benefits that you may not know before. You may not realize that turmeric really offers a lot of benefits. In addition, this herb is also cheap and you can find it easily in many traditional markets in the town.

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